Why Book An Amelia Island Fishing Trip?

There’s a simple reason why you should book an Amelia Island sport fishing trip: It’s the most fun you’ll ever have on Amelia Island! The expert fishermen at AC Charters promises a sea-going adventure you’ll never forget. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman, or a family looking for the perfect vacation, an Amelia Island fishing trip is perfect for you!

What will we do on our fishing trip?

Amelia Island fishing trips with AC Charters are nothing like a typical day at the pond. Your Amelia Island deep sea fishing adventure is an all-inclusive, all-day trip on the high seas full of fun and excitement.

All you need to bring on your trip is sunglasses, sunblock, food, and drinks. We’ll provide the tackle for you! We also provide all of our customers with fishing licenses as well. However, if you’d like to bring your own bait and tackle, you are more than welcome to.

What makes deep sea fishing different?

Deep sea fishing is a completely different ballgame in comparison to lake fishing. On a deep sea fishing trip with AC Charters, you will board one of our sea-going vessels for a day on the ocean. We have several boats designed for both inland and deep sea fishing, all of which are comfortable and perfect for a day on the water.

A deep sea fishing trip is adrenaline pumping, action-packed, and incredibly fun!

What will I catch on Amelia Island?

Deep sea fishing entails fishing for VERY large fish! We’re not talking about small bass here. We mean fish weighing dozens or hundreds of pounds! Additionally, AC Charters offers shark fishing tours.

Our amateur and expert fishermen alike have caught large redbass, flounder, amberjacks, and sharks!

Why Amelia Island?

Simple: Amelia Island is scenic and beautiful. It has the white sandy beaches of the Florida shore, so you can forget about long theme park lines in the hot sun.

Amelia Island is also the place where the fish bite! If you’re used to spending hours on the lake without catching a thing, rest assured that an Amelia Island sport fishing trip from AC Charters will be a completely different experience!

Why AC Charters?

Captain Allen at AC Charters is a veteran fisherman who was born and raised on Amelia Island. He knows the waters, and can take you to the best deep sea fishing spots in Florida. Captain Allen has 38 years of fishing experience, and holds fishing world records.

Call AC Charters today!

If you’re ready to skip the theme park lines and have a real adventure, call AC Charters today! To find out more about deep sea fishing trips on Amelia Island, call AC Charters at 904-261-9481.

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