Late Fall early Spring Fishing on Amelia Is. Fl

20130412_152340IMG_631920130402_15272120130408_11064120130329_080607_002Fishing near shore this time of the year is the best action; we will be fishing in Cumberland sound and out around the jetties. The first run of fish will be the whiting and is an excellent eating fish. The black drum will follow next along with red fish too. The Black Drum will be running from 10lbs to up to 50lbs the smaller one are great to eat and the BIG ones are awesome fighting fish. The reds will be running from 3lbs to up to 30lbs. The cold water sharks are in like the ones the young boys are holding (dog Sharks). The bonnet head sharks should be coming in along with the black drum. This is a great time to get the kids out and hooked on fishing. So Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!!20130402_132422_002

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