Snapper fishing on Amelia Island Fl.

This year we had three weekends open to keep snapper. We had an awesome time with the snappers, we limited out every trip with six to eight snapper on six hour trips. We released over two hundred fish from 5 inches to twenty five inches. One of the best catches was a double header with the Southwells father daughter catch 22 and 24lbs snapper. The biggest fish for the season was this 27.5 snapper caught by Allen. Here is Dan and Perry hold two nice snapper and a 22lbs gag grouper. Tray holding a mule snapper and on the last day Raff hold a nice 20lbs snapper. We had some get trips and looking forward to next years 20140720_104220






Summer Time fishing On Amelia Island Fl


The fishing in June is looking good. The offshore fishing we are catching Cobia and some nice grouper with black sea bass mixed in the catch along with trigger fish, all this is bottom fishing. On the top (trolling) we are starting to catch Kingfish, cudas and the cobia as well. The amberjacks are showing up on the wrecks and rock plies.
In the sound and jetty’s we are catching some nice red fish along the jetty’s and cobia too. Behind the shrimps the Black tip and Dusky are on fire. We are catching some whiting and flounder and sea bass too.

Good News on RED SNAPPER it will be open in July and here are the days NOAA has giving us. We are booking six hour trips. So call to book your trip today.

The recreational 2014 catch limit is set at 22,576 fish. The recreational fishing season will open for two weekends made up of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and one weekend of Friday and Saturday. The dates and times that the recreational red snapper season will be open are listed in the table below. During the open recreational season, the bag limit is one fish per person per day and there is no minimum size limit for red snapper.

Recreational Opening Date/Time Recreational Closure Date/Time
Weekend 1 Friday, July 11
(at 12:01 a.m.) Monday, July 14
(at 12:01 a.m.)
Weekend 2 Friday, July 18
(at 12:01 a.m.) Monday, July 21
(at 12:01 a.m.)
Weekend 3 Friday, July 25
(at 12:01 a.m.) Sunday, July 27
(at 12:01 a.m.)






May fishing on Ameila lsland Fl

Capt.Allen MIllsWe had a great Black Drum run for the season with Capt. Billy fishing The Wahoo landed and released over 90 fish from 15 to 70 pounds. Top Boat in the fleet. Great job Capt. Billy and first Mate Brandon.
We are fishing for Big Black tip sharks like the one Capt. Billy and crew is holding aboard The Wahoo. The cobia is in on the beaches like the one I am holding and the bull reds like the one Cheryl isholding are chewing too. The grouper bite is good offshore like the one Jack is holding caught while fishing The Wahoo ll, we are also catching sea bass and trigger fish too. The trolling fish should be in by the first of June. Book your trip today and Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!

Winter fishing on Amelia Island Fl

20131227_11141820131226_13060120131226_11035420131228_10483920131223_13304920131219_142126                                                                     The backwater fishing is at its best in the winter time on Amelia Is. With the cooler water temperature in the middle 50’s degrees the red fish group up in to schools of thirty to forty fish in a school. When this takes place you can sight fish for them with light tackle or with fly rods. The trout are schooled up as well along the rivers on the drop offs from 3 to six feet of water and you can fish for them with light tackle or fly rod as well. The sheepshead are the most challenging fish of all to catch, we fish for them along the jetty’s and docks, you will be using fiddler crabs and shrimp on light tackle and when you hook up its like fighting a 20lb snapper on light tackle your forearms will burn.  This fishing is the best for the next few months.

The offshore is good when the weather will let you get offshore. The seabass are fired up and the trigger are too. And this time of the year you might see the Wright whales are in the offshore waters. So Quit Wishin Let’s go fishin!!!

Fall fishing on Amelia Island Fl.

20131021_08200820131025_135524img_711520130912_11594720130912_11432220130912_100502Good news for fall and winter fishing offshore this year. Yes the government is getting it right for once, the stock on sea bass and b-liners are up so there are going to keep it open this year. We can go offshore and keep everything for now but the red snapper. This is good news because I think the best eating fish is the black sea bass.
We have been catching some nice sea bass like the two Cliff is holding; the trigger fish and b-liners are chewing too like the ones Mike is holding. The red snapper are chewing as well and with the great catches we had in August they should open this fishery as well next year, here is Mallory holding a nice 18lbs snapper we released. With the water cooling down the grouper will be fired up the late fall early winter.
The jetty fishing is get in the late fall and early winter as well. We will be catching some nice red bass along the jetties. The cold water shark will be moving in like the one the Sue is holding.
Backwater fishing is great this time of year and will get better on into the fall and winter. The trout are chewing and the red bass are too. So Quit Wishin Let’s Go Fishin!!!

October fishing on Amelia Island

Fall fishing on Amelia Island is at its best with the fall run of Bull red bass. The bass are running up to 30 to 50lbs. they are moving in the river and jetty s area to spawn in the fall. You can catch two at a time like Drew and Dad have. We have had multiple hook ups and one hooked up as well.

We are also catching in the backwater lady fish like the one Breanna is holding. On light tackle this fishing is awesome. The trout are running along with the smaller reds. The sharks are chewing like the one Travis is holding (nurse shark) and the Atlantic sharp nose and lots more so, Quit Wishin  lt’s go Fishin 20131004_145312 20131005_145809 20131005_132307 20131001_17541820131007_111123 20131004_083630<

September Fishing on Amelia Is Fl

Fishing here on Amelia in September is awesome near shore at the jetties or back water. At the jetty’s the bull reds are moving in like the double header Jeff and Chris are holding. The sharks are chewing and the Tarpon are feeding along the jetty rocks to.

In the backwater the flounder like the one Joe is holding are moving in and feeding on the mullet run. The trout and reds are feeding on them too. The late summer months September and October are the best time to fish and hang out on Amelia Island. The fishing is fired up and the weather is nice and cool 60s at night high 80s in the day so Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!

Snapper Fishing on Amelia Island

This weekend is the snapper opening for three days starting Friday the 23rd. You can keep one per person any size. We still have trips available for the weekend so give us a call and less go catch some snapper. Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!!Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 5.54.01 PMFernandina Beach-20120509-00224IMG-20120922-00057IMG-20120603-00294

summer time fun on Amelia Is Fl.

The offshore fishing has been great when the weather lets us get offshore. We are bottom fishing and catching some nice gag grouper like the one Tom is holding and are catching sea bass and trigger fish too. On the flat line we have been landing lots of Cobia like the one Maggie is hold with her father John. Here is Mark and son Hunter holding up there tag team cobia too. The water is cooler then normal with all the south west winds and this has the cobia moved back in on the structure. We land this double header that Andrew and Jack are holding up. The cudas are chewing like this one that Mat caught 45lbs. Fishing behind the shrimps we are catching the big Black tip sharks like this one Ryan and Ally caught. The cobia and the tarpon are running along the jetties and boats as well. Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!!20130628_112057 20130704_140623 20130704_125257 20130706_111823 20130707_092702 20130703_092143