Late Spring and Summer fishig

Late Spring and Summer fishig

The offshore trolling is awesome for Kingfish like this 35lbs one that Trent is hold up for Mary James. The cobia bite is pretty good like the ones Roger and Gram are holding. The jetty fishing is great too, the flounder bite is good along the jetty’s and so are the redfish. This year the Tarpon bite is going on early and looking good for months to come. Fishing behind the shrimp boats is always a blast catching shark, tarpon and more. July the snapper come in season and we still have some 6hour trips available.

Winter Fishing on Amelia Island FL

Winter fishing off shore is great when the weather lets you go. The sheepshead will be chewing on the reefs along with the seabass and both are great table food. Catching a 8lb sheepshead in 60ft of water is a blast on light tackle, sheepshead buck their heads and fight like a snapper the whole way up.

Backwater light tackle fishing with live shrimp and artificial bait will produce some nice Trout like the one Alex is holding (3.5lbs). The sheepshead will be running in the backwaters all winter long and are one of the most challenging fish to catch in the backwater.  The red fish will be schooling up on the low tides with the cooler water temperatures getting in the low 60’s and high 50’s. casting light tackle into the schools can produce some reds in the 30 inch range and this is also a great time to break out the fly rod.

Fall Fishing on Amelia Island

The backwater is great for Red fish  on light tackle. The Jack Carville are running with the mullet run. The trout are moving in the rivers with the cooler water temperature and are biting jigs and doing well on the fly rod too.

Jetty the Bull reds are still chewing and are awesome on light tackle. The sheepsheads are coming in the rivers and at the jetty’s too.

Offshore the bottom fishing is great when the weather lets you go, the Seabass are in on the near shore reefs and the grouper are too. Lots of snapper around but you have to release them. We have half days available for the up coming holidays so call or email today to book your fishing Trip.

Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!!


Fall Fishing on Amelia Island

Offshore Sport Fishing is great early fall, the bottom fishing for snapper and grouper is fired up. While bottom fishing you my encounter a nice Cobia following up your sea bass or grouper and we will have a jig ready for you to have a battle of the day and dinner too.

Back water fishing great with the water temperature mid 60s the trout and reds are schooling up and on light tackle or fly fishing is a blast. Fishing with live bait along the oyster beds will produce some nice catches of puppy drum and flounder too. While fishing the back waters of Amelia Island you will see pods of Dolphin and might encounter wild horses along Cumberland Island too. This is a great time of the year to visit Amelia Island the weather is perfect night in the mid 50’s and days 70’s.

Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!


Spring Fishing on Amelia Island FL.

May 1st the opening of GROUPER cant wait!! The spring early spring is great time to fish Black Drum around the Jetty’s and the red fish too. Off shore we are catching Black sea bass and releasing lots of red snapper. The cobia are moving in on the offshore reefs and structure. Mid May they should me on the Beaches and in the bait pods. we are also catching some nice flounder too, add carb meat and a glass of wine and you will have dinner time. Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!! 


Fall Fishing on Amelia Island FL.

Fall fishing is some of the best backwater fishing in Northeast Florida. With the water temperature dropping in the 60s degrees the trout reds and puppy drum are turning on. Fishing with live shrimp on float rigs is a sure way to succeed. We are landing trout up to 5lbs and more. The puppy drum are chewing on dead shrimp on the bottom. The reds are hitting cut crab on the bottom too.
Offshore Bottom fishing is great when the weather lets us get offshore. The seabass are fired up and we are starting to catch some gag grouper as well. There is lots of snapper to pull on for a good fight but must release. Quit Wishin Lets go Fishin!!!

Spring Fishing on Amelia Island FL.

Early spring the Black drum is moving in around the Jetties and rivers. The black Drum are the largest fish in the drum family, they can get to over one hundred pounds. The red drum is running this time of the years as well and get up to as big as 40 lbs.
The shrimp boats will start working in the spring as well and that means CHUM MACHINE lots of different fish coming up behind the boats to feed like this Black tip shark that’s over 100 lbs. The most exciting fishing time is in the spring, we sight fish for Cobia and Big jack Cralle’s using top water plugs and jigs. If you think a 4lb bass is awesome hitting a top water plug try a 60LBS cobia hitting a chug bug come get you some of that. This is a short time of the year to catch the fish on top water. The best time is April and May so Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!! Book your trip today.