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Spring Fishing on Amelia Island FL.

By Captain Allen

Early spring the Black drum is moving in around the Jetties and rivers. The black Drum are the largest fish in the drum family, they can get to over one hundred pounds. The red drum is running this time of the years as well and get up to as big as 40 lbs.
The shrimp boats will start working in the spring as well and that means CHUM MACHINE lots of different fish coming up behind the boats to feed like this Black tip shark that’s over 100 lbs. The most exciting fishing time is in the spring, we sight fish for Cobia and Big jack Cralle’s using top water plugs and jigs. If you think a 4lb bass is awesome hitting a top water plug try a 60LBS cobia hitting a chug bug come get you some of that. This is a short time of the year to catch the fish on top water. The best time is April and May so Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!! Book your trip today.