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Winter Fishing on Amelia Island FL

By Captain Allen

The backwater fishing is at its best in the winter time on Amelia Is. With the cooler water temperature in the middle 50’s degrees the red fish group up in to schools of thirty to forty fish in a school. When this takes place you can sight fish for them with light tackle or with fly rods. The trout are schooled up as well along the rivers on the drop offs from 3 to six feet of water and you can fish for them with light tackle or fly rod as well. The sheepshead are the most challenging fish of all to catch, we fish for them along the jetty’s and docks, you will be using fiddler crabs and shrimp on light tackle and when you hook up its like fighting a 20lb snapper on light tackle your forearms will burn.  This fishing is the best for the next few months.

The offshore is good when the weather will let you get offshore. The seabass are fired up and the trigger are too. And this time of the year you might see the Wright whales are in the offshore waters. So Quit Wishin Let’s go fishin!!!