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May Fishing at Amelia Island FL

By Captain Allen

May is here and this is THE most exciting time to sight fish near shore on the beaches. The cobia is moving in and up the beaches feeding on the pogy’s and crabs. Cruising from the tower you can see the cobia and red fish from a long ways out and this give you the angler time for me to show you where to cast. You will see the fish before you make your cast, it’s like deer hunting. There have been times when we can get three on at a time and land all three. The reds will school and feed on the pogy’s as well and you can hook up multiple like the ones the Navy boys are holding.

In early spring the shrimp boats are working offshore about three to five miles and throw there by catch over and it attacks all kinds of fish and sharks like this one hundred and fifty pounder we are holding on the gunnel.

The grouper season open on May first and the sea bass open on June first. Offshore we will be catching grouper and the cobia you can catch on the wrecks and rock piles too. the kingfish should be moving to the near shore reefs and while bottom fishing we will have a flat line out for them. So Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!!