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Inshore Fishing on Amelia Island: Fishing with the Entire Family!

By Captain Allen

If you and your family will be vacationing to Amelia Island, an inshore fishing trip is a great activity for the entire family. Parents, grandparents, teens, and children can all enjoy a day spent fishing in Amelia Island’s inshore waters.

At AC Charters, we have over 40 years of fishing experience and a passion for helping families have a blast out on the water. Allow us to provide your family with your most exciting and memorable vacation yet!



Wondering whether a chartered fishing trip would be a good activity for your family? There are several reasons we’re sure you and your family will love your time spent out on the water with our charter!

  • Unlike deep sea fishing, inshore fishing takes place in shallower waters, meaning your family won’t have to go too far out in the sea to experience the fun of a fishing charter. This is an especially good option for families with younger children.

  • An inshore fishing trip allows you to catch impressive fish! On our inshore trips, we’ve caught trout, bonnethead sharks, sheepshead, flounder, whiting, puppy drum, and bull redfish, to name a few.

  • When you’re on a chartered inshore fishing trip, you know you’re using the best equipment and fishing in the right spot. You won’t waste hours of your trip waiting to catch something – when you’re with an experienced guide, you’re sure to catch fish quickly. The entire family will find our inshore fishing trip to be an exciting experience.


We make it easy for families to experience the joy of inshore fishing. The best family vacations are those that are well-planned, and we’ll take care of that!

  • We provide everything you’ll need to catch the best fish in the area and have a great day out on the water. This includes your bait, tackle, and fishing license. All you need to take care of is the things that will keep your family comfortable during the day, such as food, drinks, sunscreen, and a camera.

  • We’ll bring a cooler with ice, and clean whatever you catch. We do the work so you can focus on the fishing and enjoy the “fruits of your labor” later.

  • We provide options for the length of your trip so you can choose what will work best for your family. You can choose whether yours is a 4, 6, or 8 hour trip. This flexibility is great for families with kids.

  • Captain Allen is an experienced fisherman who knows how to make sure families have a great time out on the water. We’ll take you to the areas where you’re most likely to catch the fish you’re after, and we’ll provide guidance to make sure your kids have a great experience and make memories they’ll have for the rest of their lives. This time of year is a great time to fish the Amelia River.