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February on Amelia Island

By Captain Allen


This month we are still fishing in the Amelia River and the estuaries around Amelia. The trout are fired up and we are catching them on light tackle and fly rods too. The reds will be schooling up on the lower tides along the Amelia river banks in big numbers of schools. We are sight fishing for them. Fishing for the reds we are using Berkley Gulps and throwing them about three feet in front of the school and hooking up. This month is one of the best for Sheepshead, there are coming in to spawn along the beaches. We are fishing for them using Fiddler carbs along the jetty’s and docks. This month the weather is perfect for back water fishing with the low temps in the 40s and the highs in the 70s it’s a great way to enjoy Amelia Island for the day so Quit Wishin Let’s go Fishin!!!