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Fall Fishing on Amelia Island FL

By Captain Allen

Good news for fall and winter fishing offshore this year. Yes the government is getting it right for once, the stock on sea bass and b-liners are up so there are going to keep it open this year. We can go offshore and keep everything for now but the red snapper. This is good news because I think the best eating fish is the black sea bass.
We have been catching some nice sea bass like the two Cliff is holding; the trigger fish and b-liners are chewing too like the ones Mike is holding. The red snapper are chewing as well and with the great catches we had in August they should open this fishery as well next year, here is Mallory holding a nice 18lbs snapper we released. With the water cooling down the grouper will be fired up the late fall early winter.
The jetty fishing is get in the late fall and early winter as well. We will be catching some nice red bass along the jetties. The cold water shark will be moving in like the one the Sue is holding.
Backwater fishing is great this time of year and will get better on into the fall and winter. The trout are chewing and the red bass are too. So Quit Wishin Let’s Go Fishin!!!