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Summer Fishing on Amelia island FLA

By Captain Allen






The fishing has been real good inshore or offshore for the past two weeks with some outstanding catches. Behind the shrimp boats the sharks have been fired up, the blacktips and lime are chewing. Offshore we have been bottom fishing for grouper lots of seabass and releasing some nice snapper. We got some good news last week on the snapper closer and they are saying we might get a mini season on catching the red snapper this will open in August Friday to Sunday for maybe four weeks keep your fingers crossed, but good news. We have been catching some cudas and jacks on the flat lines. There has been lots of weed from Beryl moved in shore and we have caught some triple tails under the grass, good eating. Around the jetty’s we are still catching some black drum and reds.

The tarpon are starting to move in along the jetty’s and rivers so this coming week we will start to fish for them. We still have time open this month to catch you dream fish so give us a call or email. Quit wishing let’s go Fishin!!!